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Meet The Team.

Meet the people who work at Ham House Stables.

Ham House Stables, Minette Rice Edwards

Minette Rice-Edwards is the proprietor of Ham House Stables.


Minette believes that riding effects your life, and life effects your riding. Her teaching has evolved from her wide equestrian experience. She has successfully competed in dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing, endurance, flat and jump racing, in the US and UK. She now teaches, judges and writes on equine matters. She has the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) Advanced Teaching Diploma, has insights gained from teaching for over 60 years, and an approach that draws on the Alexander Technique. Unusually, for a teacher of her expertise, Minette works with ordinary horses and everyday riders, as well as teaching riders of international standard. Her aim for Ham House Stables is to create a place where people can come riding and connect with horses in a non-judgemental environment.

Jess Joosten

Jess Joosten is the manager at Ham House Stables


Jess has obtained her NVQ Level 3. She has worked at Ham House Stables since 2010 and took over as stable manager in March 2021. For Jess, the welfare of the horses is her primary concern and she maintains a very high quality of care.  Her wonderful sunny nature and sense of humour helps our team of staff to get through a busy day. 

Ham House Stables Andy Moody

Andy Moody is a riding and in-hand instructor at Ham House Stables


Andy has over 30 years experience in riding. He began training with Minette in 2014 and is now one of the coaches at Ham House Stables. Andy read Animal Behaviour at University, and is also a qualified carriage driving instructor, initially training at The Royal Mews. He is currently engaged in doctoral research on classical riding and equestrian ballet.

Jacqui Hindley

Jacqui Hindley teaches riding at Ham House Stables

Jacqui qualified as a BHSII in 1981. She then spent ten years in Australia, developing her equestrian career, where she also started training with the Alexander Technique. She returned to London in 1992 where she qualified as an Alexander teacher. Over these years she also trained extensively with Danny Pevsner FBHS in classical riding, utilising the Alexander Techniques principles.
Today Jacqui is one of the coaches at Ham House Stables.

Glenn Jacinto

Glenn Jacinto teaches riding at Ham House Stables


Glenn originally trained at Ham House Stables, progressing to work and train with top dressage rider Andrew Gould. He now manages a yard where he is also bringing on his own dressage horses. He has achieved BHS stage 3 Riding and Horse Care, and is the mastermind of the Ham House Stables “Kids' Club”. 

Frankie Wynne

Frankie Wynne, MSTAT, teaches Alexander Technique to the staff



Irish point-and-jump ponies made Frankie think she could ride. Horses said otherwise. Eventually, she learned that for them to go well, we must get out of their way, which we can do only with awareness of our bodies and habits. Knowing that Alexander Technique imparts this awareness, she trained to teach it. 

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 Ham House Stables, Ham Street, Richmond, Surrey. TW10 7RS

020 8948 6201

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